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Base price ($1295) is for 8" digit height clock with wall-power, wireless remote and mounting hardware.

4-Digit clocks have three modes as follows:
1) Time-of-Day (HH:MM)
2) Pace clock (MM:SS)
3) Programmable countdown ie: Shotclock etc...

Multi clock systems can be configured as "Master/Slave" so all the clocks stay perfectly synchronized.

For ordering or to figure out pricing, please inquire as we can offer clocks in digit sizes from 8", 10", 12" and 16" digit heights.

4-digit clocks come standard with 120v wall-power but can also be ordered for 240v applications.

As with all iclock products, we use only super-bright, wide angle LED's for razor sharp clarity and outstanding visibility.

Be sure and check out our other optional accessories such as Tripod, Protective carrying case and Outdoor grade enclosure.

4-Digit Series

  • Our 4-digit clocks make fantastic Pace clocks, Time-of-Day clocks and Game timers.

    Our custom 4-digit clocks come standard with 2 modes:
    -Mode 1: Minutes and Seconds
    -Mode 2: Hours and Minutes / Time-of-Day

    All 4-digit clocks can be ordered as count-up / count-down timers! Please contact us before ordering to let us know your requirements.

    Long-range, wireless remote features:
    -Reset/Synching multiple clocks

    Powder coated steel enclosure for extreme protection and good looks.

    All custom clocks are covered with our "No fuss" 2 year warranty.

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